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Another new paper for AND-PD! Development of anxiety in early Parkinson's disease

It's not been long since our first peer reviewed publication was released (read about it here), and it has been swiftly followed by another, as the results of AND-PD have begun really rolling in.

AND-PD researchers Hanyuying Wang, Yibo Zhao and Anette Schrag at University College London have published their results on identifying the clinical factors and biomarkers which are associated with anxiety in People with Parkinson's. Understanding of the pathological basis of Parkinson's Disease is still limited, so this paper marks valuable progress towards understanding the cause of the disease in people.

It has been previously postulated that anxiety in PD is at least partly related to mesencephalic dopaminergic loss. However, one of the key findings of this paper was that anxiety in PD appears to be related to non-dopaminergic or extrastriatal pathology, rather than dopaminergic deficiency.

Full details of the study which is published in the European Journal of Neurology may be found here


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