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AND-PD research to be presented at Neuroscience 2023 in Washington, D.C.

Several members of our consortium will be participating in the Society for Neuroscience 2023 conference in Washington, D.C., from November 11 to November 15. This conference is a significant event for the Society for Neuroscience, providing a platform for scientists to present new research, explore emerging science, and foster collaborations. Raffaella Tonini (IIT), Elsa Pioli (MOTAC), and Erwan Bezard (MOTAC), along with their research teams, will present AND-PD research through posters and a talk:

  • On Monday, November 13, a poster (PSTR293.13 / PP14) by Luca Nava, and co-authored by Raffaella Tonini, on "Monoaminergic modulation of the Dorsal Raphe Nucleus shapes the momentary release of serotonin at Dorsal Striatum-Amygdala circuits" will be displayed in WCC Halls A-C between 1-5 PM local time.

  • On Tuesday, November 14, from 1-2 PM local time in WCC 103, Raffaella Tonini will give a talk in the Meet the Expert session (MTE09) titled "Where and When Neuromodulatory Signaling Meets Behavior."

  • Also on Tuesday, November 14, a poster (Poster: PSTR401.03 / N5) by Amirouche Sadoun, co-authored by Elsa Pioli and Erwan Bezard, on "Assessing anxiety and depression comorbidities in a primate model of Parkinson’s Disease" will be displayed in WCC Halls A-C between 1-5 PM local time.

  • On Wednesday, November 15, a poster (PSTR453.16 / C32) by Celia Rais, and co-authored by Raffaella Tonini, on "Dopamine and serotonin interactions within the Dorsal Raphe Nucleus - Central Amygdala circuit in the regulation of anxiety-related behavioral responses" will be displayed in WCC Halls A-C between 8 AM and 12 PM local time.

If you're attending the conference, we encourage you to check out the talk and posters to get insights into the recent work of the AND-PD team!


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