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AND-PD research to be presented on both sides of the Atlantic in May!

To begin with, we will attend the Dopamine Society's Dopamine 2022 conference to be held in Montreal, Canada from 21st - 25th May. The conference draws an international mix of scientists, clinicians and other health professionals such as nurses and physiotherapists, patients, scientists from the industry (biotech and pharma) and members of charitable organizations, all actively engaged in dopamine research. AND-PD researchers Rosario Moratalla (CSIC), Raffaella Tonini (IIT), Joshua Goldberg (HUJI) and Gilberto Fisone (KI) will attend the meeting. On 25th May, Raffaella Tonini will present an abstract on Local dopaminergic modulation of the serotonergic raphe.

A few days later, we will be at the 8th Mediterranean Neuroscience Society conference to be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 29th May - 2nd June. This brings together the neuroscience communities, biomedical and health care professionals, but also investigators and experts from other disciplines and from all over the world in a major event to discuss progress in brain research and related fields. On 30th May, at this meeting AND-PD will lead a symposium on Integrated neuromodulation in subcortical circuits for perception and reward.

Raffaella Tonini: Neuromodulated plasticity in the noradrenergic locus coeruleus.

François Georges: Locus coeruleus wake-up dopamine neurons during environmental novelty.

Gilad Silberberg: Regulation of sensory responses by motor activity in the healthy and Parkinsonian striatum.

Joshua Goldberg: Collective activity of striatal cholinergic interneurons during self-initiated behaviors in healthy and parkinsonian mice.

Adrian Sanz-Magro: Dopaminergic modulation of impulse control disorders and reward in Parkinson’s disease.

Whichever side of the Atlantic you are on - we look forward to seeing you!


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